The Candle Crazee University

Learn How To Make Candles Like A Pro.

         Have you ever thought about making candles as a hobby or possibly turning candle making into a business but you're unsure where to start or how to do so ? Well this is your sign that you can do it,  start making candles today. Here at Candle Crazee we are absolutely crazee about making candles and anything that smells good for that matter. Founder and C.E.O Ebonece Williams has been making candles since early 2018. As a self taught candle maker she has experienced ever hurdle and obstacle imaginable in candle making all while learning the craft. We have experimented with numerous waxes and fragrances over the years and learned all the ins and outs. After making thousands of candles we are ready to share the candle making knowledge.

       The first thing you need to establish when making candles rather you are just a diy candle maker or professional candle artist is what kind of wax are you going to use. This can be a really tough decision since there are endless types of candle waxes on the market. Below you will find a candle wax chart that can help assist you on choosing the right candle wax for your candle making journey. Are you going for a all natural candle or do you want to stick with the traditional candle makers wax.