Meet The Candle Crazee Founder / CEO Ebonece Williams

Ohio native Ebonece Williams grew up having a strong love for anything that smelled good. Back in 2018 while at Hobby Lobby Ebonece came across the candle making aisle, it was at that moment she realized that she could share her love for fragrance with the world through candle making. Ebonece had always had an entrepreneurial spirit and looked at this as a way she could do something that she would actually love and be passionate about  while providing all the fragrance lovers like her with quality candles that actually smell good. So Ebonece grabbed a few candle making supplies from Hobby Lobby and headed home with a vision filled with big ideas. After months of studying, research, and testing she launched what would be her first candle business named Eboneces Candles. 

Eboneces Candles 11
Being a self taught candle maker there were many challenges and roadblocks Ebonece faced while learning how to properly make candles and scale her business. But she continued to stay the course to master her skill and grow slowly over the next 5 years while working on her candle making skills, getting better with each passing day. In February 2024 Ebonece made the decision to rebrand Eboneces Candles and change it to Candle Crazee. Her goal is for Candle Crazee to become the one stop fragrance and gift shop for fragrance and gift lovers to purchase high quality affordable products.